Xu Xiao Dong – a pioneer of Chinese MMA (Part 1)

Through battles with traditional martial arts, Xu Xiaodong and other MMA fighters are widely known in China.
“I started practicing MMA in 2004. Few Chinese people knew what MMA was at the time, except for me,” Xu Xiaodong told the South China Morning Post. “For years, I have no sponsors, and almost have to spend money to attend matches. I can be proud to say that I have devoted enough to the development of MMA in China.” .
In the past few years, MMA is the most developed martial art in the world. The famous tournament of this martial art – UFC – is the gold mine of the owner Dana White. Famous boxers like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson can pocket a few million dollars after just one match.
It was the dream of more than 100 professional MMA fighters in China, who always yearned for a tournament of their own, instead of fighting with other martial arts. The two events are considered closest to UFC in the mainland – Kunlun Fight and ONE Championship – not for the majority because of the expensive registration fee. When Chinese MMA fighters have not yet been able to live on their main jobs, they are hesitant to request tens of thousands of dollars for just a few minutes.
From Xiao Dong as a pathfinder enriching MMA China. From “fighting for fun” (the match against Wei Lei), the original Beijing boxer gradually feels valuable and his popularity is on the rise. In the match against Dien Da in 1/2019 in Hebei, Xu said limped after knocking out the opponent: “He intended to buy me at 723,000 USD. Too little. If he brought twice that amount , maybe I let him win. “
In the world, boxing matches or peak UFCs have a high pay-per-view price, but in China, this is still very new. MMA fighters like Xu Xiaoping have many barriers. First, they don’t have an official MMA tournament yet. Instead of the words of Tu Hieu Dong made many people startled, because in 15 years of history of MMA China, no martial artist has ever dreamed of such a large amount of money. However, “Cheung” does not play. According to Epochtimes, about two million Chinese people have accepted a breakfast ($ 1.3) to watch the match live. Kknews added, that 3,000 people bought tickets to the Langfang gymnasium, Hebei province to set up the town of Xu Xiaodong. With denominations ranging from 40.5 to 185 USD, the organizers pocketed a large amount of money.