Xu Xiao Dong – a pioneer of Chinese MMA (part 2)

In the world, great boxing or UFCs matches have a high pay-per-view price, but in China, this is still very new. MMA fighters like Xu Xiaoping have many barriers. Firstly, China does not hold an official MMA tournament yet. Instead of a systematic way to “reschedule” like UFC, they have to take care of everything, from finding opponents, getting a license, and signing a competition contract. Secondly, the registration fee for attending martial arts conferences, such as Kunlun Flight or Fighting World (since the Word has just played against La Cuong) is not cheap. According to Xu Xiaogun, he had to spend more than $ 1,450 registration fee, not including accommodation, travel to be accepted to Xinjiang.

“I have to choose a prize to register. The tournaments held in big cities are expensive, but if I go far away, the registration fee will be cheaper. However, not all competitors will bear thousands of kilometers just to fight a battle, ” Xu Xiaodong said.

To “further” the motivation for the opponent, Xu Xiaodong was forced to bet. Sohu revealed, the 40-year-old boxer always had to win the match at all matches. The match against La Cuong, in addition to the registration fee, Xu Xiaodong may lose an additional $ 14,500 if defeated. On the contrary, if he wins, he only receives about one tenth – or $ 1,450 – that’s a small amount equal to what he pay.

In an interview with Sohu, before going on a trip to Xinjiang, Xu Xiaodong wished for a day to fight a real match, be widely communicated and broadcast live. It was something not available in the match against La Cuong on May 18. The match was slower than expected because they refused to wear jaw protection, and were not shown directly on any platform, including social networks. However, these obstacles cannot diminish the heat of the game considered by the Chinese media as a “century battle”. According to Baidu’s press release, the number of Internet users searching for “Xu Xiaodong” keyword a day after the match was on par with the keyword “2018 World Cup final” match day between France and Croatia.

“I am a citizen and I believe, if I become rich, it is useful for society. Many people have contacted me to film or advertise, but that’s not my biggest goal right now. I am aware of the current opportunity and will go to the same way on MMA “, QQ quoted Xu Xiaochong.