Where is the best place to practice boxing

Boxing is a simple and extremely powerful martial art because it has only 3 basic moves. It is including straight punches, ring punches and hook punches for use with both hands. The moves in boxing are extremely simple but the effect is great.

With boxing, the weak point to attack is the face and stomach, you can punch wherever you go, as long as the opponent collapses, you will win. In addition to the use of hands, when practicing boxing, the movement of the legs and body is extremely important. Move, dodge and counterattack are the things that make them effective in boxing matches.

Boxing is a sport for both men and women. When participating in this subject, besides the skills that you have, knowledge of boxing competition rules is a must that everyone must know to have the best way to participate. The boxing rules regulate many different issues.

Boxing can be done in many different places, in which practicing at home is the way many people choose. Because staying at home is the ideal space, creating a comfortable feeling for the practitioner to have the mentality of performing the best movements.

When intending to practice boxing at home, the practitioner needs to prepare mentally, learn the best moves to perform this sport. Ideally you should practice in 3 sets of 3 minutes each.

Each round is awarded 20 points, no points are awarded for odd numbers. After each half, the player who wins is awarded 20 points and the other competitor will score less than equal. The equal case each participant gets 20 points.

Three correct hits are 1 point, the judge warns, the opponent is 1 point. After scoring for each round as above, the assessor determines that the athletes have the same score. The examiner determines which participant wins.

The boxing competition rules stipulate many different issues that require participants to learn carefully. That’s about how to do it to have the best foundation and knowledge about boxing.

You need a large mirror to do this exercise, pay attention to your reflection in the mirror and imagine yourself like an opponent. In addition, you may see your own mistakes such as opening a blow or dropping your hand when looking in the mirror.