Why Boxing is the first choice of a beginner

At the present time, the need to practice martial arts has become increasingly popular. Martial arts also affect more or less the way of life, and even the lifestyle of the person who practices it.

However, among thousands of different martial arts, many people still wonder: So where should I start? A simple martial art, or complex? How effective is it in the present and the future?

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Those are general questions when someone decides to try entering martial arts. And to me, the general answer to all these questions is Boxing. And really, Boxing has done so perfectly in that direction. Instead of trying to do a lot, do what is most simple.

Because of this simplicity, students will quickly become familiar with Boxing. hands just need to hit, clear, no need to practice pointing, pointing. Legs just need to focus on moving, cutting corners, no need to care about kicks, pillows, feet. The body of the word has also been flexible and gentle to avoid attacks.

Instead of having body parts do a lot of work, Boxing focuses only on the three most basic elements. while raising it to instinct, to skill, entirely coached and dedicated practice.

Boxing, lí do chọn Boxing, tập Boxing, tại sao nên bắt đầu với Boxing, Boxing đơn giản, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Lomachenko

Boxing techniques are simple, but it is not easy to become a master if you do not hone it everyday. A punch that maximizes movement and muscle in the body, a move that requires clear tactical calculation, a reaction phase that must be sensitive to every millimeter. That’s what the professional Boxers are still practicing day to day.

But not stopping there, they also have the opportunity to advance to the professional level. Meanwhile, every fighter can reach the peak of fighting sport.

Although simple, but Boxing does not restrict themselves, as evidenced in history. Boxing hands have been combined with many martial arts to create new fighting styles. The main perfection, making the most of Boxing’s punches has brought absolute confidence from other martial arts.

John Linker complain about UFC’s competition policy

As one of the veteran boxers with UFC, John Lineker is feeling unworthy. This is not the first time the world’s leading MMA tournament has been opposed by its MMA fighters because of the schedule.

John Lineker is one of the very few boxers in the top 10 who have to work overtime to afford life. Currently he is having to cut hours of practice to work at a pet store. Although there is no high rank and has just lost the last match, John Lineker still has a rather stable performance. He even accepted the martial arts status as a background, only to be played regularly.

John Lineker ranked 10th Bantamweight UFC fighter only four times since 2016. 2013 and 2016 were the only two years John Lineker had three or more competitions, since he joined UFC in 2012. Although it was rated quite well, he didn’t seem to please UFC. At the age of 28, John Lineker is in the golden moment of his MMA career. Although he may not be a superstar, being able to play continuously is a must to develop himself at this time.

He shared that there were 5 children and many bills to pay so he could not survive this way. He did not know if there was any personal hatred from the UFC, but if so, he wanted to be told and let him leave the tournament. The martial artist wishes to play, cannot be trapped like that.

Although the UFC clearly stipulates the limited time of the contract, such as “4 matches for a minimum of 2 years”, that does not mean that the UFC will arrange as many matches as possible. With the boxers who have not made progress, have no convincing victories or made an impression on the audience, UFC can absolutely “hang” that contract with the right amount of time they have signed.

Among all factors related to remuneration, the schedule is one of the important factors. MMA fighters who are contracted to UFC will receive bonuses, pay-per-view and other sponsorships after each match, so it can be said that the frequency of competition is the decisive factor to the financial affairs of the boxers. No matter how large a contract is signed, if a fighter fails to compete, it means that the promised money on the contract is “suspended” indefinitely.