Essential accessories for Powerlifting

1.Heel lifting shoes/ flat sole shoes

Following the Powerlifting competitions we can see many athletes wearing flat shoes like Converse All Stars or Reebok Crossfit Lite … to perform Squat and Deadlift. Unlike sneaker shoes, flat sole shoes help the powerlifter distribute weights on the legs more easily and safely. Moreover, flat-heeled shoes often have better floor soles and slip resistance. Also using heel lifting shoes will support the ankles of the less flexible contestants in Squat, help better force and deeper down simultaneously. For the press, flat sole shoes do not support much for the contestants. Some people often use high-heeled shoes or sneaker shoes to enhance leg drive during the action.

2. Knee-high socks

For athletes who regularly practice Deadlift, it is inevitable that there is a scrape and bleeding. Therefore, some federations set out for lifers to wear
knee-high socks during the implementation of Deadlift tests. Wearing high socks not only helps protect your shin to prevent scratching while performing Deadlift but also makes it easier to lift Deadlift by reducing friction between the bar and the shin.

3. Band wrap wrist

Usually a wrist band is commonly used when participating in the Bench press section. However, for many lifter wrist bands, it is also used for Squat. It’s easy to understand because it works to fix the wrist when fighting against a large weight.

4. Belt

There are a lot of conflicting opinions about the use of belts: “Is it really safe?”, “Does using the belt work?” Or “Does it interfere with progress?” Professional coaches, belts will help improve strength, increase performance and reduce the risk of injury if it is used properly. Conversely, if abuse will lead to dependence and necessary muscle groups will not develop evenly, a powerlifter should still be equipped with a separate belt to use during training and competition.

5. Knee Sleeves

There are a number of overseas tournaments that allow the use of pillows, but the VNPWL tournament will follow the law of IPF, meaning that only Knee Sleeves can be used. This accessory does not help increase weight levels like a pillow, it only helps keep your knee warm, thereby limiting injuries.

6. Singlet

Remember Singlet does not help you get better. It only works to show the movements of athletes in each movement, thereby helping judges to make more accurate decisions.