Chinese legend Bruce Lee – de facto father of Mixed Martial Arts

Bruce Lee – a Chinese kungfu legend is still one of the most popular faces in the world even he died for more than 45 years. Bruce Lee was a star on many credits such as film actor, philosopher and especially fighter

In a documentary named I Am Bruce Lee, he was claimed to be the founding father of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA and its most popular form the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) combines many disciplines such as kickboxing, karatedo, jiu jitso and judo despite being criticised for its cruelty.

The Gracie family of fighters from Brazil was largely recognize to be the inventor of MMA due to the founding of Brazilian jiu-jitsu used in the combat of “anything goes”  during the early 20th Century. However, Shannon Lee – Bruce Lee’s daughter claimed that it is impossible for a family or one man single-handedly created worldwide  invention like MMA.

She believed that people usually came to the same conclusions or carried out similar experiments, whether they made it private or public, as very few entirely original ideas were created in the world. But she said that her father is was a forefront soldier who spread his beliefs about being a perfect fighter and attached a philosophy on it. He was said to be the one who took MMA to a public level though there might be some people prior to him who had idea about mixing one or two forms of combat.

 When he was young, he studied at the University of Washington and this is his base for mixing fighting styles together and combining the physical and the philosophical.

Enter The Dragon, his most famous film, released some months after his death, made him become popular all over the world. Several decades after his death, he is still one of the most iconic film stars and his name is still a business which worth millions of dollars a year.