Mayweather is a great boxer

Floyd Mayweather ended his boxing career with 50 wins. But when he said he was the greatest puncher in history, a lot of controversy still happened.

After 58 matches, Mike Mikeson lost 6 times. Evander Holyfield also lost 10 matches in his career. Meanwhile, Mayweather is the champion that holds the record of 50 unbeaten matches.

Mayweather podría regresar al boxeo para una revancha con McGregor ...

Throughout her career, Mayweather has never failed. The record of 50 matches won, which made fans think that the American star was the best. But looking back, facing and overcoming failure is always a factor in previous champions.

Mike Tyson – the youngest champion in boxing history at the age of 20, received a defeat against Buster Douglas in 1990. But for him, the first defeat was one of the best matches. Because it helps him learn to accept and overcome difficulties.

For Deontay Wilder – a former WBC heavyweight champion, who was unbeaten 42 games before the stage with Tyson Fury. At that time, the American boxer chose an equal opponent and knew the risks that could break his winning sequence. But he still decided on the ring and received the first defeat.

Failure has never happened to Mayweather. Maybe because he was too strong or his opponent was not strong enough. Mayweather is one of the most earning boxers in history. He ended his career playing with 50 victories, and amounted to $ 808 million.

Mayweather sắp tái xuất: Kinh ngạc đòi 600 triệu USD để thượng đài

That is also why Mayweather received a lot of criticism for choosing Conor McGregor to be the opponent in his last match. Does he want to record a record of 50 unbeaten matches so choose a MMA fighter to compete?

In terms of experience and boxing skills, Mayweather was the dominant player. Before the match began, the fans somewhat guessed the winner. At that time, McGregor was the opponent that the American star wanted the upper house, not the person he needed to fight.