How to beat the best in powerlifting (Part 1)

British Julian McKerrow who won World Champion gives guidance in competitive powerlifting – and how to make a record in the world.

Arguably powerlifting is a barbell sport and the ultimate competitive test of strength, containing three disciplines: deadlift, squat, bench press through which competitors lift as heavy as possible. Each discipline contain three attempts, from each give a final combined weight for taking the heaviest lift. The powerlifter which scores the highest total will win at their weight class.

five years ago Julian beginned his powerlifting career. His friend, a professional bodybuilder, James Hollingshead joined him for training. After some time training, Julian’s potential was noticed by James and he suggested Julian attend powerlifting competition. Julian said that he found the current records for deadlift squat and bench. He also realized that he was near to the British records bench press and deadlift in the Junior Category. He was looking for the competitions to qualify for Nationals (only at Nationals you can make world records) and he participated in the only one qualifier left and he won.

Now Julian is competing in the class of open 125kg, and by next year he will be setting a comprised of squat, bench press and deadlift and making new combined total world record in the 827.5kg class.

So, Julian reveals while doing a full-time job how can you make a break, win world championship titles and set world records?

Powerlifting competitions such as press, rack and lift the barbell are following with strict rules and regulations. You will void your attempt if you fail to comply. In his first ever junior competition, Julian got a red flag after squatted 180kg and was really confused. They explained that he had to wait for the judge to say ‘Start’. Once you do the squat, before you put the weight back you had to wait the instruction, ‘Rack’. There rules and the other disciplines were quite strict. In bench pressing, you have to  put the bar down to a controlled manner, bring it to touch your chest then wait for them to say ‘Press’. It is quite different in the gym when a lot of people use momentum to lift up their weight in the bench press.