Gym originated from what country

Nowadays, gyms meet the needs of satisfying physical beauty and strength training. And if you know where the gym was born, people will be surprised to understand that men. Who exercise not only to have an admirable body.

Many people who work out in the gym, will often pay more attention to their exercise schedule and nutrition. Perhaps that is enough, but have you ever wondered, gym, we still practice from any country?

In human history, the first early gyms date back more than 3,000 years, and appeared in Persia. The practice rooms were then called the Zurkhaneh, which are understood the fitness-enhancing areas.

In ancient times, the gym was often a place to educate young people, including educational equipment, physical exercises and general activities. It was from the gymnasiums in ancient Greece that athletes were trained and achieved many admirable achievements at the Olympics.

By the 19th century, in some European and American countries, educational institutions began to build gyms. That marked the establishment of the modern gym movement.

In the 1930s, boxing gyms were also born. Especially the establishment of Gramercy Cus D’Amanto in Manhattan in 1939.

In addition, many business organizations and individuals also began to pay attention to building a number of gyms suitable for people at that time. In 1965, Joe Gold founded Gold gym chain in Venice, California, an event that is considered a turning point for many gym lovers in America.

By the 1980s, the gym was popular and many gym chains were established, such as 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness. Thanks to that, bodybuilding with investors has raised the level of an industry that brings huge revenue.

Thus, the gym from Greece was originally only for men, especially athletes who attended the Olympics. Experiencing the history of ups and downs, to this day, gym training has become familiar, even unable to leave many of us.