5 common mistakes that MMA beginners should avoid (Part 1)

MMA synthesis martial arts created a great attraction, attracting many young people to participate in the training. At first glance, the law of mixed martial arts tournaments, the practitioner may find that MMA has very few legal restrictions. However, this does not make MMA an easy sport for newcomers. There are still many common mistakes that MMA beginners often make.
What are the common mistakes that MMA beginners often make? Is there any way to avoid these mistakes? Let’s see 5 common mistakes below.

  1. Practicing a lot of martial arts will help you be good at MMA?
    Mixed Martial Arts covers all kinds of skills from many different martial arts, mainly divided into 3 components:
  • Striking: includes punches, kicks from Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Rivals, Pencak Silat, Shaolin, Wing Chun, …
  • Wrestling: includes ways to control the enemy by grasping, pulling, pressing, but not directly punching and kicking like Greco-Roman, Freestyle wrestling …
  • Grappling: includes ways to control opponents by falling to the floor (takedown), changing the top position (transition), clinch, submission hold like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu , Judo, …
    There are many techniques from different martial arts that can be used in MMA, but to practice MMA requires both Striking and Grappling.
    The concept of “mixed martial arts” makes many people think simply that a person has a basis from many different martial arts, such as a young man who has practiced Shaolin, Karate, or know simple bases of Taekwondo, for example, will understand MMA.
    In fact, this is a misconception. With the martial arts experience, the young man indeed has knowledge in Striking. However, MMA includes more than that
    It should also be mentioned that MMA boxers are not only learning any two or three martial arts, but are also required to practice both of the above components, along with physical exercises.