Mayweather is a great boxer

Floyd Mayweather ended his boxing career with 50 wins. But when he said he was the greatest puncher in history, a lot of controversy still happened.

After 58 matches, Mike Mikeson lost 6 times. Evander Holyfield also lost 10 matches in his career. Meanwhile, Mayweather is the champion that holds the record of 50 unbeaten matches.

Mayweather podría regresar al boxeo para una revancha con McGregor ...

Throughout her career, Mayweather has never failed. The record of 50 matches won, which made fans think that the American star was the best. But looking back, facing and overcoming failure is always a factor in previous champions.

Mike Tyson – the youngest champion in boxing history at the age of 20, received a defeat against Buster Douglas in 1990. But for him, the first defeat was one of the best matches. Because it helps him learn to accept and overcome difficulties.

For Deontay Wilder – a former WBC heavyweight champion, who was unbeaten 42 games before the stage with Tyson Fury. At that time, the American boxer chose an equal opponent and knew the risks that could break his winning sequence. But he still decided on the ring and received the first defeat.

Failure has never happened to Mayweather. Maybe because he was too strong or his opponent was not strong enough. Mayweather is one of the most earning boxers in history. He ended his career playing with 50 victories, and amounted to $ 808 million.

Mayweather sắp tái xuất: Kinh ngạc đòi 600 triệu USD để thượng đài

That is also why Mayweather received a lot of criticism for choosing Conor McGregor to be the opponent in his last match. Does he want to record a record of 50 unbeaten matches so choose a MMA fighter to compete?

In terms of experience and boxing skills, Mayweather was the dominant player. Before the match began, the fans somewhat guessed the winner. At that time, McGregor was the opponent that the American star wanted the upper house, not the person he needed to fight.

MMA tournament welcomes 2 good news at once

The good news is McGregor has identified a specific opponent and the match between Khabib and Ferguson is coming soon.

Since Khabib defeated Dustin Poirier in October, the world MMA village has been boiling over with the question, which majestic pair will appear at UFC? Who will be Khabib’s next rival? Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson or another name?

The first is the case of “Crazy guy” McGregor. Accordingly, the former 2-belt champion of UFC will encounter Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 event on January 18, 2020. Next, the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov officially agreed to stand with Tony Ferguson. This match is scheduled to be held in mid-April next year.

In the end, these controversies have come to an end with two official announcements from the largest MMA tournament on the planet.

Ferguson will face Khabib on April 18 next year

After many days of waiting, in the end, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor identified their opponents one after another.

With this arrangement, it is likely that the winner of the two pairs will continue to meet to determine who is the true king of the lightweight.

McGregor is predicted to be better compared to Cerrone

As predicted by many experts, if played properly, McGregor will not be too difficult to overcome a Cerrone has leveled off recently.

The remaining screen is more difficult to predict. Despite Khabib being more appreciated, Ferguson also had extra fingers in his hand to counter the champion. What fans are most worried about at the moment is the prospect of being canceled midway through.

In the past, UFC had scheduled Khabib vs Ferguson four times, but nearly the competition day, the match failed because one of the two encountered an unfortunate injury.

Let’s wait to see the competitive MMA matches coming ahead. Don’t forget to try your luck and show your ability to judge the matches, click here to visit the MMA betting sites. Good luck!

How to beat the best in powerlifting (Part 2)

Julian McKerrow – a full-time IT professional current and an amateur British Powerlifting Champion – go beyond his everyday gym lifts at the upper end of the spectrum–this also mean staggering numbers. Julian broke the British Record in the Open Category in 2018 which he upped to a whopping 195kg and broke the Deadlift World & British Record in 2017 with a jaw-dropping lift of 320kg. He also holds the current Junior European & World Record for his 181kg bench press and pushed the British record even higher to 332.5kg at the 2018 British Championships.

Although the only difference between compete in professional and amateur categories is that the WPC (World Powerlifting Congress) category is not drug-tested while the AWPC (Amateur World Powerlifting Congress) category is drug-tested. Julian explains that AWPC is only amateur in name because members can compete against WPC members, as they side by side compete at the same events. These venues are often separate at World Championships which is the only exception.

Julian added that he would have a day for legs and his first exercise would be squat, and his main focus was always the three compounds. His first exercise will be a deadlift when the same for his back. His first exercise will be bench when he would have a day dedicated to chest. The accessory work came up next, including pull-ups and hip thrusts, small things which help improve his main lifts. You don’t want to have one weak lin because your whole body is being used in the three compound lifts. For example, hip thrusts target the glutes and strong glutes which are going to help your squat and deadlift. Your whole back should be strengthened by pull-ups, you’re able to press more because squatting improve your stability, and give you a strong platform for bench press.

How to beat the best in powerlifting (Part 1)

British Julian McKerrow who won World Champion gives guidance in competitive powerlifting – and how to make a record in the world.

Arguably powerlifting is a barbell sport and the ultimate competitive test of strength, containing three disciplines: deadlift, squat, bench press through which competitors lift as heavy as possible. Each discipline contain three attempts, from each give a final combined weight for taking the heaviest lift. The powerlifter which scores the highest total will win at their weight class.

five years ago Julian beginned his powerlifting career. His friend, a professional bodybuilder, James Hollingshead joined him for training. After some time training, Julian’s potential was noticed by James and he suggested Julian attend powerlifting competition. Julian said that he found the current records for deadlift squat and bench. He also realized that he was near to the British records bench press and deadlift in the Junior Category. He was looking for the competitions to qualify for Nationals (only at Nationals you can make world records) and he participated in the only one qualifier left and he won.

Now Julian is competing in the class of open 125kg, and by next year he will be setting a comprised of squat, bench press and deadlift and making new combined total world record in the 827.5kg class.

So, Julian reveals while doing a full-time job how can you make a break, win world championship titles and set world records?

Powerlifting competitions such as press, rack and lift the barbell are following with strict rules and regulations. You will void your attempt if you fail to comply. In his first ever junior competition, Julian got a red flag after squatted 180kg and was really confused. They explained that he had to wait for the judge to say ‘Start’. Once you do the squat, before you put the weight back you had to wait the instruction, ‘Rack’. There rules and the other disciplines were quite strict. In bench pressing, you have to  put the bar down to a controlled manner, bring it to touch your chest then wait for them to say ‘Press’. It is quite different in the gym when a lot of people use momentum to lift up their weight in the bench press.

UFC fighter Nick Newell wants to play longer at Bellator

Lightweight fitter Nick Newell hopes to stay in Bellator after winning the first half against Corey Browning at Bellator 225.

Newell recently signed a contract with Bellator after the failure of the UFC Contender Series event. Although having lost one hand from birth, having an abnormal body but he still wants to join the MMA arena.

According to Bellator president Scott Coker, the match against Browning was a great performance, and Nick Newell performed very well with the tournament organizers. And it is more wonderful when this “one-handed fighter” won the first round.

After the battle, Newell posted on social media that he hoped to stay longer in Bellator. This is what Newell said on his personal Instagram: “The night of last night was a special night. It took me 10 years to play here and I won’t leave anywhere. ”

Based on Newell’s perfect victory, it seems likely that the long-term contract signed by Coker chairman and director Bellator – Rich Chou. Despite the physical limitations, Newell is a good boxer and also has a lot of fans.

Although he only had one hand to compete, Newell defeated famous fists and became a highly qualified MMA fighter in the world. Currently, his achievements are 16 wins and 2 losses. His only two failures were with Justin Gaethje, who is currently a temporary UFC champion in the World Series of Fighting and Alex Munoz on the Contender Series.

In the match against Corey Browning, Nick Newell was only the first time standing on the stage of Bellator 225. But he left an impression with a “manual triangle lock” to win the knockout out in the first half.

On the MMA website later commented that the Bellator 225 tournament had just spent an “unimaginable” day with wins … “lightning fast”. MMA fighters seem to want to “convalesce” for the upcoming matches so they do not want to waste too much time.

Valentina Shevchenko successfully revenge on the UFC

Flyweight UFC champion Valentina Shevchenko had a successful revenge against the opponent who had beaten her TKO in the beginning of her MMA career – Liz Carmouche during UFC Fight Night 156 (or UFC on ESPN + 14), taking place in the city of Montevideo (Uruguay).

Kyrgyz female soldier Valentina Shevchenko is known for her incredible punches and speed. From the age of 5, Shevchenko began studying Taekwondo. After that, she also exchanged techniques and succeeded in other martial arts such as kickboxing, Muay Thai; before becoming a Flyweight UFC champion.

However, she had failed to defeat TKO in the MMA tournament before Liz Carmouche, which was also a failure with her only TKO ever. And UFC events on ESPN + 14 this time will be an opportunity for Shevchenko to revenge.

Both entered the pressure game, Shevchenko appeared nervous because he was in charge of protecting the championship; Carmouche is too cautious because she knows this is a thousand years opportunity to win the UFC title.

In the first two rounds, both Shevchenko and Carmouche played too cautiously, seemingly only beating the air for the end of the half. Until the third half, the atmosphere became a little more exciting. Shevchenko took advantage of a knockdown phase and a takedown in the middle of the half. But then the following rounds Shevchenko continued with a swing and hugged his opponent on the floor to gain points.

In the end, Shevchenko won by agreeing points, all three referees scored with the same score of 50-45 in favor of Kyrgyz punters.

This match is not really interested in fans because the pace of the game is quite slow and both boxers have less explosive attacks. Overall this is one of the most boring UFC belt matches ever. The too cautious competition has made many fans watch live in Uruguay feel disappointed.

John Linker complain about UFC’s competition policy

As one of the veteran boxers with UFC, John Lineker is feeling unworthy. This is not the first time the world’s leading MMA tournament has been opposed by its MMA fighters because of the schedule.

John Lineker is one of the very few boxers in the top 10 who have to work overtime to afford life. Currently he is having to cut hours of practice to work at a pet store. Although there is no high rank and has just lost the last match, John Lineker still has a rather stable performance. He even accepted the martial arts status as a background, only to be played regularly.

John Lineker ranked 10th Bantamweight UFC fighter only four times since 2016. 2013 and 2016 were the only two years John Lineker had three or more competitions, since he joined UFC in 2012. Although it was rated quite well, he didn’t seem to please UFC. At the age of 28, John Lineker is in the golden moment of his MMA career. Although he may not be a superstar, being able to play continuously is a must to develop himself at this time.

He shared that there were 5 children and many bills to pay so he could not survive this way. He did not know if there was any personal hatred from the UFC, but if so, he wanted to be told and let him leave the tournament. The martial artist wishes to play, cannot be trapped like that.

Although the UFC clearly stipulates the limited time of the contract, such as “4 matches for a minimum of 2 years”, that does not mean that the UFC will arrange as many matches as possible. With the boxers who have not made progress, have no convincing victories or made an impression on the audience, UFC can absolutely “hang” that contract with the right amount of time they have signed.

Among all factors related to remuneration, the schedule is one of the important factors. MMA fighters who are contracted to UFC will receive bonuses, pay-per-view and other sponsorships after each match, so it can be said that the frequency of competition is the decisive factor to the financial affairs of the boxers. No matter how large a contract is signed, if a fighter fails to compete, it means that the promised money on the contract is “suspended” indefinitely.

Xu Xiao Dong – a pioneer of Chinese MMA (part 2)

In the world, great boxing or UFCs matches have a high pay-per-view price, but in China, this is still very new. MMA fighters like Xu Xiaoping have many barriers. Firstly, China does not hold an official MMA tournament yet. Instead of a systematic way to “reschedule” like UFC, they have to take care of everything, from finding opponents, getting a license, and signing a competition contract. Secondly, the registration fee for attending martial arts conferences, such as Kunlun Flight or Fighting World (since the Word has just played against La Cuong) is not cheap. According to Xu Xiaogun, he had to spend more than $ 1,450 registration fee, not including accommodation, travel to be accepted to Xinjiang.

“I have to choose a prize to register. The tournaments held in big cities are expensive, but if I go far away, the registration fee will be cheaper. However, not all competitors will bear thousands of kilometers just to fight a battle, ” Xu Xiaodong said.

To “further” the motivation for the opponent, Xu Xiaodong was forced to bet. Sohu revealed, the 40-year-old boxer always had to win the match at all matches. The match against La Cuong, in addition to the registration fee, Xu Xiaodong may lose an additional $ 14,500 if defeated. On the contrary, if he wins, he only receives about one tenth – or $ 1,450 – that’s a small amount equal to what he pay.

In an interview with Sohu, before going on a trip to Xinjiang, Xu Xiaodong wished for a day to fight a real match, be widely communicated and broadcast live. It was something not available in the match against La Cuong on May 18. The match was slower than expected because they refused to wear jaw protection, and were not shown directly on any platform, including social networks. However, these obstacles cannot diminish the heat of the game considered by the Chinese media as a “century battle”. According to Baidu’s press release, the number of Internet users searching for “Xu Xiaodong” keyword a day after the match was on par with the keyword “2018 World Cup final” match day between France and Croatia.

“I am a citizen and I believe, if I become rich, it is useful for society. Many people have contacted me to film or advertise, but that’s not my biggest goal right now. I am aware of the current opportunity and will go to the same way on MMA “, QQ quoted Xu Xiaochong.

Xu Xiao Dong – a pioneer of Chinese MMA (Part 1)

Through battles with traditional martial arts, Xu Xiaodong and other MMA fighters are widely known in China.
“I started practicing MMA in 2004. Few Chinese people knew what MMA was at the time, except for me,” Xu Xiaodong told the South China Morning Post. “For years, I have no sponsors, and almost have to spend money to attend matches. I can be proud to say that I have devoted enough to the development of MMA in China.” .
In the past few years, MMA is the most developed martial art in the world. The famous tournament of this martial art – UFC – is the gold mine of the owner Dana White. Famous boxers like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov or Tony Ferguson can pocket a few million dollars after just one match.
It was the dream of more than 100 professional MMA fighters in China, who always yearned for a tournament of their own, instead of fighting with other martial arts. The two events are considered closest to UFC in the mainland – Kunlun Fight and ONE Championship – not for the majority because of the expensive registration fee. When Chinese MMA fighters have not yet been able to live on their main jobs, they are hesitant to request tens of thousands of dollars for just a few minutes.
From Xiao Dong as a pathfinder enriching MMA China. From “fighting for fun” (the match against Wei Lei), the original Beijing boxer gradually feels valuable and his popularity is on the rise. In the match against Dien Da in 1/2019 in Hebei, Xu said limped after knocking out the opponent: “He intended to buy me at 723,000 USD. Too little. If he brought twice that amount , maybe I let him win. “
In the world, boxing matches or peak UFCs have a high pay-per-view price, but in China, this is still very new. MMA fighters like Xu Xiaoping have many barriers. First, they don’t have an official MMA tournament yet. Instead of the words of Tu Hieu Dong made many people startled, because in 15 years of history of MMA China, no martial artist has ever dreamed of such a large amount of money. However, “Cheung” does not play. According to Epochtimes, about two million Chinese people have accepted a breakfast ($ 1.3) to watch the match live. Kknews added, that 3,000 people bought tickets to the Langfang gymnasium, Hebei province to set up the town of Xu Xiaodong. With denominations ranging from 40.5 to 185 USD, the organizers pocketed a large amount of money.

Chinese legend Bruce Lee – de facto father of Mixed Martial Arts

Bruce Lee – a Chinese kungfu legend is still one of the most popular faces in the world even he died for more than 45 years. Bruce Lee was a star on many credits such as film actor, philosopher and especially fighter

In a documentary named I Am Bruce Lee, he was claimed to be the founding father of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA and its most popular form the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) combines many disciplines such as kickboxing, karatedo, jiu jitso and judo despite being criticised for its cruelty.

The Gracie family of fighters from Brazil was largely recognize to be the inventor of MMA due to the founding of Brazilian jiu-jitsu used in the combat of “anything goes”  during the early 20th Century. However, Shannon Lee – Bruce Lee’s daughter claimed that it is impossible for a family or one man single-handedly created worldwide  invention like MMA.

She believed that people usually came to the same conclusions or carried out similar experiments, whether they made it private or public, as very few entirely original ideas were created in the world. But she said that her father is was a forefront soldier who spread his beliefs about being a perfect fighter and attached a philosophy on it. He was said to be the one who took MMA to a public level though there might be some people prior to him who had idea about mixing one or two forms of combat.

 When he was young, he studied at the University of Washington and this is his base for mixing fighting styles together and combining the physical and the philosophical.

Enter The Dragon, his most famous film, released some months after his death, made him become popular all over the world. Several decades after his death, he is still one of the most iconic film stars and his name is still a business which worth millions of dollars a year.