The Rock’s power lifting practice routine

Coming from the sports industry and turning to the 7th art, Dwayne Johnson has the perfect physical condition to shine. However, he does not ignore the practice regime and is still very serious in training to keep fit. Let’s take a look at The Rock’s tips on what it takes to have such a healthy body.

With rich protein and high total calories, The Rock’s workout regimen is also adequate and highly regulated. To keep the basic basics of my list, The Rock performs warm-ups for the same duration as the main post.

He revealed that he starts his day with an hour of cardio every day to warm up followed by about 1 and a half hours of weights. And that’s just a warm-up.

The Rock has explained in many interviews that he always walks into the gym with the mentality of an employee. As a result, The Rock can withstand heavy exercises and he becomes more muscular, muscular, and stronger after each practice.

With the amount of heavy exercises and technically accurate requirements, you should have a support person by your side to help you. During the holidays, Wahlberg shared an intense abdominal workout on Instagram. He says that he refused to take a few days off just because he was on vacation.

Cavill posted on Instagram that he pulled two days including leg training and martial arts practice. With such training in bodybuilding and martial arts, it helps a lot for him in the role of Superman.

The Rock has opened a new era for the show wrestling performance. In order to be able to handle multiple jobs at the same time, The Rock spends a lot of time in the practice room. The Rock’s favorite secret weapon is the exercise chain.

A bodybuilding chain weighs nearly 30kg. Depending on the purpose of the practice, it has certain effects. According to personal trainer JC Deen, fitness will make part of the exercise more difficult.

Boxing Gloves and MMA ones: what is different? (Part 1)

Boxing and MMA are the most popular fighting forms in the world. Along with them, are the pair of Boxing gloves and MMA gloves specific to each subject. Due to differences in the rules and characteristics of each subject, the structure of the two types of Boxing and MMA gloves are very different. So what are the most noticeable differences?

1. Structure of gloves

In Boxing, boxers can only strike the upper body of the opponent using the punch. Therefore, the design of boxing gloves covers all the fingers in the padding, including the thumb. So when the boxer fists clench his fist to hit the opponent, the entire fist will be protected inside the foam cushion.

In contrast, MMA gloves expose the knuckles and separate the fingers from each other. Although the hands need to be protected when they are punched, MMA fighters need the flexibility of their fingers while performing the grip, object, and squeeze towards the opponent. Therefore, the MMA glove has an open toe structure and only covers the tip of the hand and the front of the fist. The palm of the MMA glove is also exposed, helping to breathe, avoiding slippery sweat when playing.

The design of the MMA glove also makes the MMA glove have a sharper edge, making it easier for fighters to create tears on the opponent’s face.

Punch force between boxing gloves and MMA gloves

Because of the difference in structure, boxers use boxing gloves and MMA gloves to create different punches in force. In one experiment, the punch force of a boxer using 641kg boxing gloves. Meanwhile, the punching force of boxers using MMA gloves is 651kg. The punch between the two types of gloves is not too big difference.

Many people think that boxing gloves thicker and heavier will release more powerful punches than MMA gloves. This is not entirely true. The punch depends on the skill, practice and level of each fighter. If you don’t practice your punches, no matter what gloves you use, your punch has no power.