How to choose gym clothes for men Gym

Bodybuilding is a process that helps muscles work so. When practicing, you should choose shorts will be the most reasonable. For cold winter weather, you can wear pants like jogger pants to be warmer. Pants to practice need to ensure durability.

Because you will do a lot of movements during the training session. When choosing pants, you need to care about comfort, coolness and also the fashion factor.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GYM nam

Many people think to wear as little as possible or even topless during practice, but that’s not true. You should wear workouts to help keep your body warm, blood circulation better and avoid joint injuries. And wearing clothes will help you sweat more to help burn calories and lose weight effectively.

Keep your body warm with workout clothes that ensure good ventilation, sweat, and do not damage the skin. Besides, the outfit also needs to be spacious, with good elasticity so you can comfortably exercise when practicing.

You can wear an internal T-shirt and outerwear with a zippered hoodie or sports jacket. They make it easier to take off when there is a change in temperature.

For sports clothes, especially GYM, you should choose fabrics that absorb sweat well and airy. Airy cotton or polyester is the best choice for men’s bodywear.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GYM nam

Exercise clothes you should choose fabrics with good elasticity to bring a better range of activity for you. Surely you will be very satisfied when you have to do the exercises that require stretching. In addition, you should remember to choose elastic waistband pants.

Most types of sports pants have a elastic waistband design, which makes it faster to change clothes.

A relatively basic mistake that some people make when choosing clothes to practice is to think that the wider the clothes are, the more comfortable they will be. That is only true for some subjects that require flexible movement, and for Gym you should choose medium size.

How to breathe a single bar to muscular shoulder muscles toned

Sniffing a single bar is the most toned exercise for your shoulder and arm muscles. But if you practice the wrong inhalation, it won’t work that way.

Using your feet to push yourself up when you breathe the bar. This is the mistake most gymer makes. Because when people use it to start exercise put their body above the bar. When you begin to inhale a single beam, you need to combine the strength of your upper back, the poke, arm, core and grip.

This may at first look similar to what you’re doing when you actually inhale the bar. But in fact that makes you waste time and opportunity to develop the full strength of the body and the muscles of the shoulders and biceps. So, if your legs swing, you need to put pressure on the center of your body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hít xà đơn

When you breathe in, the elbows are too close to each other or the elbow is right in front of the chest, which will make you use your forearm muscles. more. This may be fine if you intend to do so.

This phenomenon usually appears in almost all exercises. Hasty habits often appear in the beginner. Sniffing a single bar is a great exercise to boost your overall strength. But it’s really not as easy as you think. If you’re just starting out, be patient and take small steps.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hít xà đơn

The first, you need to practice grip strength by lifting single barbell and barbell, the strength of the bucket and forearm muscles. If you are too impatient and lead to overtraining, it affects not only the ineffective exercise. But it also hurts bad for your health later on.

One of the main goals when inhaling a single beam is to apply as much force as possible to the bucket. When you turn your shoulders in and out, follow the movement of your upper body. Did you know that everything you’re doing puts pressure on your shoulders and unnecessary muscles?

Breathing is very important during your exercise with the crossbar or any bodybuilding exercise. Many people do not control their breathing when exercising, resulting in irregular breathing and making you very tired quickly.

International Powerlifting Federation announce the 2020 Champion of Champions event

The International Powerlifting Federation has announced plans for a Champion of Champions event in partnership with SBD Apparel ©IPF

The International Powerlifting Federation has announced plans for a new Champion of Champions event, to be held in Britain next March.

The International Powerlifting Federation Sheffield 2020 Championship, due to take place on March 28 and 29, will be held in partnership with SBD Apparel and is set to see 12 men and women battle it out to be crowned champion at the two-day event.

SBD Apparel chief executive Benjamin Banks said: “We are excited to announce this new partnership with the International Powerlifting Federation, which will see us celebrate the strongest powerlifters in a new category of the International Powerlifting Federation event.”

“It has long been our aim to elevate powerlifting to new heights, and we are looking forward to welcoming powerlifters and fans for what we expect to be a spectacular event next March.”

A prize pot of £250,000 ($308,000/€211,000) will be on offer at Sheffield City Hall with participants from six continents needing to have competed in an International Powerlifting Federation world or regional Classic Powerlifting event.

Among the eligibility criteria, competitors must have achieved, or be capable of achieving 700 International Powerlifting Federation points and not be under an IPF suspension.

Anyone with prior anti-doping offenses that warranted a ban of more than one year will not be eligible.

The 2019 International Powerlifting Federation Open Classic World Champion will be given priority to compete in the tournament, with the first, second and third best lifters next in a hierarchic selection process.

The third selection level would see powerlifters with the highest International Powerlifting Federation points performance from unrepresented regions being selected with remaining slots being awarded as wildcard entries.