How to choose gym clothes for men Gym

Bodybuilding is a process that helps muscles work so. When practicing, you should choose shorts will be the most reasonable. For cold winter weather, you can wear pants like jogger pants to be warmer. Pants to practice need to ensure durability.

Because you will do a lot of movements during the training session. When choosing pants, you need to care about comfort, coolness and also the fashion factor.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GYM nam

Many people think to wear as little as possible or even topless during practice, but that’s not true. You should wear workouts to help keep your body warm, blood circulation better and avoid joint injuries. And wearing clothes will help you sweat more to help burn calories and lose weight effectively.

Keep your body warm with workout clothes that ensure good ventilation, sweat, and do not damage the skin. Besides, the outfit also needs to be spacious, with good elasticity so you can comfortably exercise when practicing.

You can wear an internal T-shirt and outerwear with a zippered hoodie or sports jacket. They make it easier to take off when there is a change in temperature.

For sports clothes, especially GYM, you should choose fabrics that absorb sweat well and airy. Airy cotton or polyester is the best choice for men’s bodywear.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho GYM nam

Exercise clothes you should choose fabrics with good elasticity to bring a better range of activity for you. Surely you will be very satisfied when you have to do the exercises that require stretching. In addition, you should remember to choose elastic waistband pants.

Most types of sports pants have a elastic waistband design, which makes it faster to change clothes.

A relatively basic mistake that some people make when choosing clothes to practice is to think that the wider the clothes are, the more comfortable they will be. That is only true for some subjects that require flexible movement, and for Gym you should choose medium size.

How to breathe a single bar to muscular shoulder muscles toned

Sniffing a single bar is the most toned exercise for your shoulder and arm muscles. But if you practice the wrong inhalation, it won’t work that way.

Using your feet to push yourself up when you breathe the bar. This is the mistake most gymer makes. Because when people use it to start exercise put their body above the bar. When you begin to inhale a single beam, you need to combine the strength of your upper back, the poke, arm, core and grip.

This may at first look similar to what you’re doing when you actually inhale the bar. But in fact that makes you waste time and opportunity to develop the full strength of the body and the muscles of the shoulders and biceps. So, if your legs swing, you need to put pressure on the center of your body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hít xà đơn

When you breathe in, the elbows are too close to each other or the elbow is right in front of the chest, which will make you use your forearm muscles. more. This may be fine if you intend to do so.

This phenomenon usually appears in almost all exercises. Hasty habits often appear in the beginner. Sniffing a single bar is a great exercise to boost your overall strength. But it’s really not as easy as you think. If you’re just starting out, be patient and take small steps.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hít xà đơn

The first, you need to practice grip strength by lifting single barbell and barbell, the strength of the bucket and forearm muscles. If you are too impatient and lead to overtraining, it affects not only the ineffective exercise. But it also hurts bad for your health later on.

One of the main goals when inhaling a single beam is to apply as much force as possible to the bucket. When you turn your shoulders in and out, follow the movement of your upper body. Did you know that everything you’re doing puts pressure on your shoulders and unnecessary muscles?

Breathing is very important during your exercise with the crossbar or any bodybuilding exercise. Many people do not control their breathing when exercising, resulting in irregular breathing and making you very tired quickly.

The basic muay thai martial arts lessons at the center

Muay Thai easily exists intensely in the world of modern martial arts. If you want to learn martial arts to protect yourself and improve your health, you can learn basic muay Thai martial arts lessons to have a brief look before coming to Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a martial art with a long history and sustained strength alongside many modern martial arts from the West. Thai boxing requires vigor and aggression, and the fighter uses his whole body as an offensive and defensive weapon.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Muay Thái

Muay Thai martial arts is a perfect combination of many different martial arts, not to mention arms, fists similar to boxing, kick kicks like Karate and swing, lock like Judo, Aikido.

For beginners or simply wanting to learn about Muay Thai martial arts, you need to follow the muay Thai martial arts lessons at the centers to give yourself a fixed foundation and visualizations of Thai boxing.

For Muay Thai, the practitioner must perform the following warm-up movements: shoulder rotation, body rotation, hunch, hip rotation, foot splitting. The warm-up exercise is important because the moves in Thai boxing mainly use the hands and feet and are also a smooth combination between the parts of the body.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Muay Thái

The standard Muay Thai exercises can burn 1000 calories per hour, so these martial artists may keep their body toned. The applicability in Muay Thai is highly appreciated, which is forging good self-defense in practical cases.

Marking is a blow used a lot by earlier Muay Thai fighters. Currently this attack is not much interested in teaching martial arts muay thai at the center. In order to practice this technique flexibly and responsibly, the practitioner needs to practice regular thigh and knee lifting exercises, especially effective when working with sandbags and division.

Muay Thai martial arts has a set of guidelines at the center, helping newcomers learn faster. But first, imagine the lesson of teaching muay thai in the most serious way.

Right and wrong things about gym

Going to the gym to get stronger, lose weight, have a small waist is the desire of almost any girl. However, the conquest of color will become more difficult because women often suffer from some misconceptions. So how to exercise effectively? Listen to the experience of professional coaching in the article below.

Therefore, almost all of women entering the gym only focus on abdominals so that their stomachs are small. If you compare muscle groups like a carriage.

Then abdominal muscles are considered small displacement vehicles. While thigh and back muscles are large displacement vehicles. Large displacement vehicles will burn more energy than small displacement vehicles.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập gym

According to research, resistance exercises are capable of burning fat up to 8 hours after leaving the gym. In order to have the optimal training schedule, the first thing you need to know is the body’s indicators. This helps you understand yourself and easily select the most suitable exercises.

Men have more muscle due to having 30 times more testosterone than women. Female bodybuilders have muscular muscles due to extra injections of exogenous testosterone.

In addition, the running sweat is due to dehydration, not fat. While the thing that makes the body worse is fat. So having to practice fat burning, running doesn’t have much effect on fat burning.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho tập gym

Running is considered a cardio exercise that is good for the heart, can do 2 sessions a week, 15-20 minutes each time. In fact, 1 muscle cell burns 4 times more energy than fat. So if your body has more muscle, then your ability to burn energy is greater and not prone to fat accumulation.

In fact, the size of the waist decreases a bit because of the fat on the back, and the shape and senses do not change much.

For women after the age of 35, the breasts are often saggy due to birth, age. Therefore, exercising also helps the chest muscles to be toned and not run down.

Do you know the benefits of practicing Kick Boxing

It combines powerful kicks from Karate and agile bodywork from boxing and is practiced like aerobics to help trainers train cardiovascular health.

In addition, kickboxing is basically a term used to describe some sports that mix between kicking and punching. Some of Victoria’s top models incorporate boxing into their workout routines.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kick Boxing

It’s a very high-energy cardio routine that’s great for weight loss and helps you get in shape quickly. Despite its many benefits, kickboxing is still a sport so in essence, it requires proper training. Therefore, to ensure safety, avoid injuries, you need the technical guidance from professional coaches. In addition, exercise tools to achieve the best effect.

You can kick and punch your way until there is no more stress for a few minutes. The kickboxing moves challenge some core muscle groups and will help you train your whole body quickly.

Endorphins will also make you feel happier and more active within a few hours of training.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kick Boxing

Quick kicks and kicks in the Kick Boxing routine will give you the opportunity to focus your energy to make each move successful.

Practicing kickboxing means you have prepared yourself for certain martial arts. Your body has been accustomed to launching, dodging as well as reflexing when in danger. This is especially helpful for women in many cases facing bad audiences.

If you’ve been exercising on a treadmill for a few weeks and need a break from your regular cardio routine, Kick Boxing is the perfect cross workout.

You can add some weight by wearing wrist weights or ankle weights or just wearing a pair of lightweight boxing gloves for added resistance. Just one or two workouts per week can help you get out of your fitness track quickly.

Why Boxing is the first choice of a beginner

At the present time, the need to practice martial arts has become increasingly popular. Martial arts also affect more or less the way of life, and even the lifestyle of the person who practices it.

However, among thousands of different martial arts, many people still wonder: So where should I start? A simple martial art, or complex? How effective is it in the present and the future?

Boxing, lí do chọn Boxing, tập Boxing, tại sao nên bắt đầu với Boxing, Boxing đơn giản, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Lomachenko

Those are general questions when someone decides to try entering martial arts. And to me, the general answer to all these questions is Boxing. And really, Boxing has done so perfectly in that direction. Instead of trying to do a lot, do what is most simple.

Because of this simplicity, students will quickly become familiar with Boxing. hands just need to hit, clear, no need to practice pointing, pointing. Legs just need to focus on moving, cutting corners, no need to care about kicks, pillows, feet. The body of the word has also been flexible and gentle to avoid attacks.

Instead of having body parts do a lot of work, Boxing focuses only on the three most basic elements. while raising it to instinct, to skill, entirely coached and dedicated practice.

Boxing, lí do chọn Boxing, tập Boxing, tại sao nên bắt đầu với Boxing, Boxing đơn giản, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Lomachenko

Boxing techniques are simple, but it is not easy to become a master if you do not hone it everyday. A punch that maximizes movement and muscle in the body, a move that requires clear tactical calculation, a reaction phase that must be sensitive to every millimeter. That’s what the professional Boxers are still practicing day to day.

But not stopping there, they also have the opportunity to advance to the professional level. Meanwhile, every fighter can reach the peak of fighting sport.

Although simple, but Boxing does not restrict themselves, as evidenced in history. Boxing hands have been combined with many martial arts to create new fighting styles. The main perfection, making the most of Boxing’s punches has brought absolute confidence from other martial arts.

Do you know the benefits of practicing Kickboxing

You often hear about Kick Boxing but you really know what Kick Boxing is yet? What are the benefits and effects of Kick Boxing training? Let’s go find out to understand more about this Kick Boxing subject.

Kickboxing is an independent fighting sport that combines Karate, Muay Thai and Boxing.

It combines powerful kicks from Karate and agile body kicks from boxing and is practiced like aerobics to help people practice cardiovascular health. In addition, kickboxing is basically a term used to describe a number of sports that mix between kicking and punching.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Kick Boxing

Besides being a great sport, Kick Boxing is now considered to be an exercise habit of many people. Some of Victoria’s top models incorporate boxing into their workout routines.

You can burn 520 to 800 calories for a 60-minute workout and you’ll have a toned body as you speed up your metabolism. It’s a high-energy cardio routine that’s great for weight loss and helps you get in shape quickly.

You can kick and punch your way until there is no stress in a few minutes. Then kickboxing moves challenge some core muscle groups. And that will help you train your whole body quickly.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Kick Boxing helps you release endorphins will help your mood to rise and help you feel more confident. Endorphins will also make you feel happier and more active within hours of training.

If you are having poor posture and coordination, you can strengthen your core and improve your reflexes and coordination skills. Quick kicks and kicks in Kick Boxing routine will give you the opportunity to focus your energy to make each move successful.

Kickboxing is a high energy cardio routine that will boost your body and mind. And it will boost your energy levels. You will breathe hard, sweat and release toxins

MMA tournament welcomes 2 good news at once

The good news is McGregor has identified a specific opponent and the match between Khabib and Ferguson is coming soon.

Since Khabib defeated Dustin Poirier in October, the world MMA village has been boiling over with the question, which majestic pair will appear at UFC? Who will be Khabib’s next rival? Conor McGregor, Tony Ferguson or another name?

The first is the case of “Crazy guy” McGregor. Accordingly, the former 2-belt champion of UFC will encounter Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 event on January 18, 2020. Next, the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov officially agreed to stand with Tony Ferguson. This match is scheduled to be held in mid-April next year.

In the end, these controversies have come to an end with two official announcements from the largest MMA tournament on the planet.

Ferguson will face Khabib on April 18 next year

After many days of waiting, in the end, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor identified their opponents one after another.

With this arrangement, it is likely that the winner of the two pairs will continue to meet to determine who is the true king of the lightweight.

McGregor is predicted to be better compared to Cerrone

As predicted by many experts, if played properly, McGregor will not be too difficult to overcome a Cerrone has leveled off recently.

The remaining screen is more difficult to predict. Despite Khabib being more appreciated, Ferguson also had extra fingers in his hand to counter the champion. What fans are most worried about at the moment is the prospect of being canceled midway through.

In the past, UFC had scheduled Khabib vs Ferguson four times, but nearly the competition day, the match failed because one of the two encountered an unfortunate injury.

Let’s wait to see the competitive MMA matches coming ahead. Don’t forget to try your luck and show your ability to judge the matches, click here to visit the MMA betting sites. Good luck!

Plan a powerlifting workout (Part 1)

Difference between weightlifting and powerlifting

Powerlifting from weightlifting are two different sports, however with similarities in operations on competition day and training objectives.

Weightlifting is more widely seen in the Olympics. On competition day weightlifting is also judged the same way. The naming of the sport can be a little misleading, whoever has the highest total amount of weight lifted in the winner and three attempts per lift. Weightlifting also requires strength although power is more important, which is not the case for powerlifting. There are only two lifts in weightlifting, the clean, the snatch and jerk. Both overhead movements are not seen in powerlifting.

Powerlifting on the other hand is a strength sport where you are judged on the squat, three lifts, deadlift, and bench press. To lift the most amount of weight you have three attempts. The winner of the competition in their respective weight categories is the one amongst their three best lifts for each movement who accumulated the highest total combined weight over the three lifts.

You can determine the success of your program design and exercise selection when you retest periodically from this point. Improving your 1RM is all about. Having said that, your 1RM should not be tested every week. Avoid trying to hit every session 100% of your 1RM though it is more than okay incorporating heavy singles into your routine. This is how so many people burn out too early or hurt themselves. Some people will be able to at 100% train more often than others because everybody is different.

Program designs for powerlifting need to focus both in the upper and lower body on sets and reps to increase max strength. You should do a pre-exercise screening appraisal like any training such as:

Determine the training style

Set up a realistic goal

Know your starting point

Get the appropriate amount of training days

Identify any postural abnormalities which may affect your technique

International Powerlifting Federation announce the 2020 Champion of Champions event

The International Powerlifting Federation has announced plans for a Champion of Champions event in partnership with SBD Apparel ©IPF

The International Powerlifting Federation has announced plans for a new Champion of Champions event, to be held in Britain next March.

The International Powerlifting Federation Sheffield 2020 Championship, due to take place on March 28 and 29, will be held in partnership with SBD Apparel and is set to see 12 men and women battle it out to be crowned champion at the two-day event.

SBD Apparel chief executive Benjamin Banks said: “We are excited to announce this new partnership with the International Powerlifting Federation, which will see us celebrate the strongest powerlifters in a new category of the International Powerlifting Federation event.”

“It has long been our aim to elevate powerlifting to new heights, and we are looking forward to welcoming powerlifters and fans for what we expect to be a spectacular event next March.”

A prize pot of £250,000 ($308,000/€211,000) will be on offer at Sheffield City Hall with participants from six continents needing to have competed in an International Powerlifting Federation world or regional Classic Powerlifting event.

Among the eligibility criteria, competitors must have achieved, or be capable of achieving 700 International Powerlifting Federation points and not be under an IPF suspension.

Anyone with prior anti-doping offenses that warranted a ban of more than one year will not be eligible.

The 2019 International Powerlifting Federation Open Classic World Champion will be given priority to compete in the tournament, with the first, second and third best lifters next in a hierarchic selection process.

The third selection level would see powerlifters with the highest International Powerlifting Federation points performance from unrepresented regions being selected with remaining slots being awarded as wildcard entries.