5 common mistakes that MMA beginners should avoid (Part 2)

2. Derelict fighting techniques

The first mistake will often lead to a second mistake. This is not to blame, when the concept of MMA and fighting is also very new in martial arts village. The punches or blows themselves also seem to be more eye-catching, faster, more powerful, attracting more attention than fighting techniques.

But just working hard on practicing punching, kicking, moving, but skipping all the fighting techniques – the grappling is a huge mistake. Fighting techniques are an extremely important component in MMA

On the ground, striking is completely helpless. The kick is no longer usable, the punch – in the position below without the force of the hip – becomes weak and quickly gets the Brazilian boxers Jiu-jitsu ended with a tight grappling,

The familiar boxers Brazilian Jiu-jitsu can actively drag the opponent to the ground to start a battle with a great chance of victory. On the contrary, the fighters stand back and cannot grab the armpits and capture the opponent stand up to fight with kicks.

That’s why new MMA practitioners should not neglect fighting techniques. Even the famous fighters who stand on the ring like Conor McGregor or Martin Nguyen still practice regular tightening courses as an essential part of their training course.

3. Skip Gym – weight training exercises

There is still a very popular concept in martial arts that “Gym, weight training is hard”, making people afraid that gym, weight training will make them slow, less flexible when practice martial arts.

This does not explain why, in fact, all boxers practice Gymnasium, and even practice very hard to enhance physical strength. The Mike Tyson, Buakaw, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones … still work out regularly, have a toned body, bouncing muscles but the blows are still fast, quick and not “hard” .

So the problem is?

Gym-style gymnastics, specifically exercises that only develop muscle size, have a partial influence on martial arts as it primarily develops slow, powerful muscle groups. This will affect fast muscles, while practicing martial arts still needs speed along with clever toughness.

Except for that part, other exercises like Powerlifting to increase strength and muscle mass; Weightlifting increases muscle strength and speed; Fitness offers both strength, toughness and ability to exercise, which are excellent exercises for martial arts learners. In short, in the area of ​​practicing for health or self-defense, Gym exercises are not harmful.